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JV - (half-hour comedy) A mockumentary that follows the members of a ragtag high school Junior Varsity hockey team as they fight for anything but last place and fight to survive high school. Parks and Rec meets The Mighty Ducks

The Belt - (hour dramedy)
When the creator of a popular all-male wrestling show dies in a freak accident, he leaves his shares in the company to his estranged feminist daughter. But when she steps up to the plate, she finds the real fighting happens outside of the ring. Ugly Betty meets WWE. 

Snap - (half-hour dark comedy)
- A viral ‘internet personality’ has a seemingly perfect life until his dark past catches up with him. Now he has to go to extreme lengths to hold on to his world anyone else would die for. Ingrid Goes West meets American Psycho.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close - Emerson College, May 2015
The Capper Trap - Pioneer Drama
Maid to Order - Pioneer Drama

Please Like Me - 'Strawberry Ice Cream'   - November 2016

                                      DIGITAL VIDEO
The Story of the Voyager Expedition - The New Yorker
20 Years of Tamagotchi - Ars Technica
How Donald Trump Could Get Fired - The New Yorker
How Climate Change is Already Affecting the Earth - Wired

Pop Pop - First Place in 'Thoreau's Rooster', Journal of Literary Nonfiction