Madcap capers ensue when crafty criminals pit themselves against a blundering wealthy family.  Wanda Winthrop thinks she has arranged a marriage between her two sons and the twin daughters of a new family in town.  The boys have never met their fiancés, but, dimwits that they are, they still are excited at the prospects of marrying the Von Mark twins.  Wanda and her servants don’t suspect anything unusual as they prepare for the engagement party, even when an announcement comes on the radio warning of ex-cons — Clark, Carl and Casey — on the loose.  Of course, the Von Marks don’t actually exist.  It’s all part of the con to rob the joint with Casey, playing both twin girls, and Clark and Carl (who looks almost lovely in a dress and wig) as the twins’ parents.  But maybe the ex-cons bit off more than they can chew.  Besides wondering why Annemarie and Maryanne are never in the same room together, Wanda has not been paying her bills, so before the crooks can steal anything, the bank arrives with moving trucks to take it all away.  Fast entrances and exits and mistaken identities galore make this wildly funny farce a sure-fire hit for your school or community theatre!   - Pioneer Drama Inc.